Our commitments

When you ask Flandres Oignons for something , you can be sure you will get a quality supply. Our company ensures products that wil fullfill all your requests : flexibility, reactivity, competitiveness.

The company, with its lengthy experience, has invested in storage buildings that allow it to have sufficient goods available. Additionally, everything is in one place: the products can be sorted, graded and processed without loss of time. The ability to meet deadlines is guaranteed.

We also are commited to a sustainable development , which makes us watchful to daily practices and to company enhancement.


Sustainable development

Today, the business continues to evolve and achieve new standards which ensure consumers receive quality products.

Flandres Oignons has been able to adapt to and integrate this new dimension in its business through the following measures:

Strengthening of traceability through the setting up of field documentation with the farmers to ensure constant monitoring from seed to harvest.
Integration of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), ensured by a QA department
Obtaining organic certification for the processing of products, good agricultural practices
Compliance with the cold chain through increased cold storage capacity
Continuous improvement of working conditions with permanent actions in terms of quality and safety to eliminate work hazards.
Product wastes recovery for methan production
Energy consumption optimization through modern automatic systems



Ecological certification delivered by VERITAS certification France, enables us to enhance our durable production system. Our practices allow us to :
respect environment, provide our customers proofs of product controls that are managed from production to distribution, through an independant control entity,
be engaged in a moral approach and be involved in sustainable development.

GLOBALGAP certification

It represents a series of worlwide-valid traceability and food security norms, that are partly applicable to agricultural productions (GAP= Good agricultural practices).

The aim is mainly to reassure the end-consumer about the way the agricultural products are grown on farms while minimizing the agriculture ecological impact : lower the artificial inputs, guarantee a responsible approach of health and security conditions for our workers.

The aim of this certification is to answer the end-consumers needs in term of food security for agricultural products .
This certification is also needed for business with european food distribution companies.
The GLOBALGAP frame of reference contains :

– The Good agricultural practices (develop the best production practices, implement de HACCP principles, …),

– Traceability (bring to our partners and to end-consumers the proof of a whole process chain traceability),

– Environmental commitment (preserve the wild life and plant life, better usê of the natural ressources),

– Human dimension (health and security at work for the employees)

GLOBALGAP is based on risk prevention principles linked to security and environment, sanitary risks (HACCP) analyze and control, saustainable agriculture through integrated pest management.



ECOCERT certification

Historical player in organic farming certification, Ecocert is recognized for its independence, competence and impartiality.

This body issues certification to companies that promote good environmental and societal practices in all sectors around the world. Flandres Onions is one of them.



Flandres Oignons is equipped with powerful machines because it has invested regularly in order to maintain its competitiveness – and to keep innovating. Because it is listening to its customers and works closely with them, this family business has always stood out from the rest while enforcing a continuous development strategy. Today , Flandres Oignons has acquired a almost-industrial dimension that enables the company to answer to large or sometimes unusal demands.


Thanks to its know-how and production capacity, Flandres Oignons is highly flexible and will make every effort to meet the needs of its customers.